Today in country music it’s difficult for a new act to stand out and be different, yet still fit in.  Ted Winn does just that. Anyone who has seen him perform can testify that he is a compelling artist who has the ability to capture and hold the attention of an audience virtually everywhere he plays. Although his music is primarily rooted in country, Ted takes influences from many genres and puts his own spin on them. His charismatic vocal ability and self-confident stage presence are both a result of the time he has spent honing his craft and the experience he's gained from performing for most of his life.

Ted's affinity for music began at an early age. At eight years old, he entered a talent contest in which he won first place and after performing in front of that audience, he was hooked. It didn't take long for others to recognize his precocious talent. He soon found himself booked almost every weekend for private parties and events. He performed on local television shows and telethons and at age 12, Ted appeared as a finalist on the nationally televised talent competition, Star Search. Throughout his teens, music continued to be a major interest.

Intending to go to law school, Ted attended Rutgers University but his passion for music beckoned. Throughout college he sang in bands and after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Ted hit the road. He went to work as a lead vocalist in Vegas-style revues, toured as a front man in traveling party bands and delighted audiences across the country performing a tribute to Garth Brooks. From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach to Albuquerque, Tunica to Syracuse and countless places in between, Ted made his living appearing in major casino showrooms and lounges and playing theaters, honkytonks, dance halls and fairs.

Ted knew that performing and making music is what he was born to do and felt he had to pursue a solo career of his own and follow in the footsteps of the artists whose songs he had been covering. Ted is a true music fan who loves and knows his Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, George Jones and Elvis inside and out. He also cites Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones among his major musical influences.

Ted wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on his much anticipated, debut release, introducing TED WINN. On it, he has created a sound that is unique and fresh by combining irresistible melodies and lyrics with contagious rhythms and arrangements. The set includes edgy, infectious tracks with rocking urgency and soulful, deeply felt ballads filled with sentimentality. His compositions are marked with a newcomer's freshness and a veteran's instinct for emotion. Impeccable acoustic picking, scorching guitar licks and melodic ganjo and mandolin riffs perfectly complement Ted's unmistakable, textured voice on this collection of instantly appealing songs.

Realizing his ambitions are not easy to attain, Ted focuses on his goals with perseverance and a passionate, relentless drive. Getting to this point has been an interesting and exciting journey and learning experience Ted would never trade, but in many ways this is just the beginning. He is thrilled to be doing what he loves. His only hope is that people like his music as much a he enjoys creating and performing it. Whatever the future holds, there's no denying the talent of this impassioned showman. It's time for more to experience what many have already witnessed. Ted Winn's distinctive voice, compelling songs and captivating live performances always grasp his audiences and leave them wanting more.

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